KwikChex Member Ziggy’s Spice House featured in Mail Online

MailOnlineCredits: Mail Online, By: Mark Palmer

‘But critics say the website is quicker to dispute reviews that are over-positive than those that are particularly negative.

The story of Ziggy Hussain, who owns an Indian restaurant in Halifax called Ziggy’s Spice House, is instructive.

After receiving excellent reviews, more than 250 were deleted by TripAdvisor because they were based on ‘patterns of suspicious activity’ — causing the restaurant to plummet from No 1 to 122 in Halifax’s rankings.

Mr Hussain is furious and insists that all of the reviews were genuine.’

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Ziggy’s Spice House was also previously featured in Caterer and Hotelkeeper.

Ziggys Spice House, Halifax – Proof of Quality Profile

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