Yelp Sues Business For Faking Its Own Reviews

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‘Yelp filed suit against a business (a law firm no less!) over what it claims are fake reviews the business created for itself. While there have been stories before of companies “outed” for being behind fake review efforts, and even FTC complaints, Yelp filing a lawsuit is new.

Yelp claims that the McMillan Law Group, of San Diego, had employees create fake accounts to leave positive reviews.

Mike Masnick at TechDirt observes they allegedly were not very good at covering their tracks. He writes:

“The filing details, rather comprehensively, how over a period of a few months, it appears that employees at the firm created accounts and immediately posted positive reviews of the firm, sometimes claiming things that are unlikely to be true. For example, certain users claim to be clients of the firm, which focuses on bankruptcy law, and then point out that the individuals in question have never filed for bankruptcy. There’s also an amusing bit in which four accounts are created, one after the other, from a McMillan IP address, each leaving very positive reviews within minutes of creation, then logging out right before another account is created. … Oh, and two of the accounts created one after the other started their posts with the identical sentence, including a typo: They promissed [sic] me a fresh start through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and I got it.”

Yelp also alleges that the McMillan law firm participated with a group of other San Diego law firms, to ‘trade” favorable reviews.’

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