Over 10,000 Reviews Removed from TripAdvisor Sites after KwikChex Highlights Major Flaw in Fake Review Detection

As reported in the international media, investigations by KwikChex regarding the effectiveness of review fraud detection have led to the exposure of a major flaw in the TripAdvisor systems.

The abuse was carried out using the daodao.com site – TripAdvisor’s site in China.

Just a handful of ‘reviewers’ were responsible – posting an extraordinary number of reviews in a short space of time. These reviews are then published on all the other TripAdvisor sites, causing substantial corruption.

The TripAdvisor detection systems failed to spot the abuse – even though it was blatant, with for example, one ‘reviewer’ claiming to have stayed in 51 hotels in Paris alone in a single month.

Asia is one of the review fraud ‘hotspot’ regions identified by KwikChex. Many other areas are still suffering from this abuse, which undermines the integrity of the information available to consumers and contradicts the impression that TripAdvisor is trying to create that they are fully capable of preventing such problems.

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