All the businesses that KwikChex has helped


KwikChex probably gets more recognition for helping businesses in the hotel and restaurant sectors than any other – but we have assisted an extraordinary range of businesses that have been attacked with fake and malicious reviews.

Here are a few of the types of business we have helped.

Lawyers – yes, even qualified lawyers come to KwikChex to get fast and effective help when they suffer online defamation!
Funeral Directors
Cosmetic Surgeons
Estate Agencies (Real Estate Businesses)
Tour Companies & Guides
A US Bank
Online Retailers
An International Airline
Ballooning Companies
Tourist Attractions
Online e-cigarette business
PC Repair Business
A Ferry company
Online Financial Services
Internet Hosting
Holiday Accommodation Rental
Pet Food Suppliers

It goes to show that no business, organisation, no matter what sector they are in, or how large or small they are is safe from malicious online attacks. Defamation, distortion, harassment and fake reviews have proliferated in recent years. If your business has been attached in this way, please do get in touch with us – we respond to every enquiry and provide a free and expert evaluation about possible solutions.

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