KwikChex to Launch Solutions to Combat ‘Most Catastrophic’ Damage to Hospitality Sector

A study by KwikChex has shown that loss of reputation caused by association with gastro-intestinal illness comes at a huge price – whether the accusations are true or false.

The worst hit you can take as a hospitality business owner is when there is news and online content that says you have made your customers sick.

The study was carried out after KwikChex noticed a significant spike in news stories of both actual outbreaks affecting UK hospitality businesses and also online allegations.

Cases in the news recently include:


70-year-old guest takes legal action against three-star Bournemouth hotel after being struck down with suspected norovirus

200 take legal action against Devon pub carvery after sickness outbreak

Five hundred holidaymakers have trips cancelled after norovirus outbreak forces Norfolk holiday village closure

Crewe Hall told to clean up its act as 95 party-goers are struck down by stomach bug

Nearly 100 holidaymakers fall violently ill with vomiting and diarrhoea amid norovirus
outbreak at British seaside hotel

Norovirus affected businesses from Scotland to the Isle of Wight, with businesses right across the spectrum, and included brands such as Gleneagles, Toby Carvery and Mandarin Oriental, where the two Michelin star Heston Blumenthal restaurant ‘Dinner was forced to close.

The initial costs can be huge – closures, deep cleaning, further cancellations including large functions such as weddings can easily cost a 100 room hotel over £100,000.

Subsequent events, such as legal action by victims, potential fines and the ongoing damage to reputation caused by online content can multiply the initial figure several times over.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning cases have also been hitting the news, with a Holiday Inn in Bristol fined £65,000, a manager and chef of a Mitchell & Butler pub jailed and diners hospitalised after eating at a Harvester restaurant.

Online Allegations

Ironically, in spite of all the news about actual cases, KwikChex research and active involvement in several cases has shown that a very high percentage of online reviews alleging food poisoning are false – sometimes malicious and sometimes mistaken. The damage caused, though is still very significant, with affected businesses saying they suffer drops in bookings of around 30% when hit by such allegations.

In response, KwikChex is launching a solutions package that includes:

  • The most robust and proactive prevention strategy, including use of the new ‘Goldshield Technologies’ products and services. Additional information on Goldshield Technologies Product Efficiency – click here.
  • Promotion of authenticated high standards to reassure consumers and win more business.
  • Rapid Response assistance to reduce effects and legal liabilities of outbreaks.
  • Rebuilding of reputation after an outbreak
  • Fast handling of false online allegations.
  • Insurance to cover losses.

    And for ConsumersAlongside the solutions for businesses, KwikChex will also be providing online information, and expert scientific advice for consumers to help them avoid illness, report it when it happens,and gain compensation when appropriate. It will include a directory of businesses that are operating to certified high standards.

    For more information – contact KwikChex

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