KwikChex : World-renowned Online Reputation & Reassurance Services


We would like to advise that the ASA recently contacted KwikChex with regard to a phrase we used on our website – “World-leading Online Reputation and Reassurance Services”. The ASA pointed out that:

“The ASA and CAP view ‘leading’ claims as generally relating to market share, and for other meanings to be accepted (such as ‘first in to the market’ claims or claims relating to technological innovation), they would need to be clear to consumers that a best-selling or market share statement was not intended. In the context of your website, and that KwikChex offers paid services within a known market, we consider that the meaning of ‘world-leading’ is likely to be ambiguous to consumers.”

They provided a link to advice on such terminology, which can be found here –

After some brief discussions, we agreed with the ASA that we would amend the description from ‘world-leading’ to ‘world-renowned’, reflecting the standing that KwikChex has internationally regarding online reputation matters – particularly with the impact we have made in exposing and tackling online fake reviews – and in acknowledgement of our global customer base and international media coverage.

We would also like to reiterate our admiration for the work that the ASA carries out so fairly and successfully. This intervention by the ASA demonstrates that perfectly. There is an exceptional amount of guidance provided by the ASA on this site –

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