Extraordinary information integrity services

2020 marks the tenth anniversary year for KwikChex and we will be celebrating by looking back on the highlights of what we have achieved.

At the outset in 2010, we wanted to focus on providing accurate and reliable online content that would benefit consumers. It was a time when we could already see that misinformation was starting to become the norm. The trend was of businesses not stepping up in terms of verification of content and denying liability to as great a degree as possible. The mantra seemed to be ‘quantity before quality and profitability before probity’. We felt that as time moved on, this would cause extensive problems.

We first sank our teeth into online reviews and were quickly acknowledged as a leading voice in tackling review fraud. In the time since, KwikChex has exposed many thousands of fake reviews – false positive ones seeking to deceive consumers and fake negative ones that defame businesses. Our work has seen us provide evidence and expert witness services across the world, working with government agencies, lawyers and the media and giving evidence in court cases including in Europe, the US and Australia.

What we would describe as the ‘truth of the matter’ expanded exponentially over the last 10 years and we have been proud to help directly thousands of consumers in getting justice and in avoiding scams – even to the extent of acting as witnesses in civil court cases.

The close cooperation we have had with enforcement agencies, including the police, government, regulators and others – most particularly UK Trading Standards has been demanding but especially rewarding – resulting in successful prosecutions of rogues and the honours of official accreditation and even last year a ‘Hero Award’. The feedback we have had from consumers we have helped has been tremendous and we are so pleased to have assisted so many in having monies returned to them and disputes resolved.

And we have been privileged and delighted to have featured so prominently and positively in media stories across the world.

Whilst we will be spending a little time this year remembering some of the best moments, we see 2020 also as the start of a new era, in which KwikChex will help proactively drive greater online integrity with new and innovative resources – so thank you to all those we have worked with, that have been kind enough to recognise our efforts and – keep an eye out for even bigger things to come.

Post by Editor