Identity Thieves Posing as Contact Tracers

News from the Federal Trade Commission in the US

Please note we feel warnings such as this are relevant everywhere as similar scams are likely to be Worldwide.


People are being asked to remain vigilant as states witness a rise in the number of fake contact tracers using the COVID-19 pandemic to steal their identities and financial information.

A real contact tracer should ask for your name, address and health details. They’ll also request a list of everybody you’ve been in contact with and any locations you have visited.

They will not ask for your social security number, immigration status or financial information. None of this information is needed for a contact tracer to do their job.

It is imperative that you don’t pay any money to somebody claiming to be a contact tracer.

Also be wary of any emails or text messages with links and attachments that claim to be from contact tracers. These aren’t legitimate messages and you should avoid clicking on links or downloading files.

If in any doubt, hang up the phone, walk away, and don’t respond to any email or text from a potential scammer.

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US – If you are concerned that you may have been contacted by these scammers, please report it to your state health department and alert the FTC at

UK – Contact Action Fraud: (we recommend the use of the online resources to avoid long call delays)

Worldwide – You can report Coronavirus related scams on our dedicated page:

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