COVID-19 Unsubstantiated Treatment Claims

News from the Federal Trade Commission in the US

Please note we feel warnings such as this are relevant everywhere as similar scams are likely to be Worldwide.


Warnings have been issued to more than 160 individuals and companies making unsubstantiated claims that their products and treatments help prevent or cure Coronavirus.

Consumers should be cautious when dealing with people offering any of the following treatments as Coronavirus cures or preventatives –

Air purifiers, sanitizers and water filters

Chinese and other herbal treatments

Chiropractic therapy

EMF radiation protection

Essential oils

Gene therapy


IV therapy

Ozone therapy

Stem cell treatments


Vitamins and minerals in high doses

Remember – Government and healthcare professionals are your best source of accurate medical advice. Advertisements and sales pitches are not always reliable for such important information.

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US – If you are concerned that you may have been contacted by these scammers, please report it to your state health department and alert the FTC at

UK – Contact Action Fraud: (we recommend the use of the online resources to avoid long call delays)

Worldwide – You can report Coronavirus related scams on our dedicated page:

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