ASA cracks down on misleading debt advice ads

The latest Advertising Standards Authority investigations have ruled in favour of the Money and Pensions Service, which challenged the legitimacy of paid-for search advertisements promoting debt relief solutions.

A number of concerns were raised regarding the companies Fidelitas Group Ltd and National Direct Service including –

  • Misleading ads suggesting associations with the Government and charities
  • Not being authorised by the FCA to provide debt counselling
  • Providing misleading customer feedback
  • Exaggerating the speed and simplicity of debt solutions
  • Not making clear the risks and fees associated with an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA)
  • Not making clear that customer details were passed to a third party

The ASA ruled that none of the ads may appear again in their current form.

Click here to view the ASA ruling for National Direct Service on the ASA website

Click here to view the ASA ruling for Fidelitas Group Ltd on the ASA website

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