Warning – bogus callers posing as KwikChex

It has been reported to us that a cold caller posing as a KwikChex agent is contacting consumers. 

The call came from the phone number 0203 475 4692 – this is not a number that KwikChex uses. 

KwikChex will never cold call consumers. 

Around 90 % of scams against timeshare owners originate from cold calls. To date, KwikChex has never had a report of a wholly honest unsolicited approach to a timeshare owner. If you haven’t requested contact, don’t engage with people you don’t know by phone, email or text. Often, they will start by saying they are from an official organisation and have your details from a central timeshare owners database. These are lies. Stop them in their tracks and tell them they will be reported and to delete any information they have on you immediately. 

These rogues will try anything and everything, including impersonation of trusted resources. 

The STOP! & Check initiative helps owners deal with cold-callers and their cunning deceptions. 

Click here to read more about STOP! & Check 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you may have been called by this bogus caller. 

Helpline UK: 0044 (0)1823 510625 

Helpline Hours
10am – 4pm Mon-Fri (GMT)
Excluding bank holidays 

Email: info@timesharetaskforce.org 

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