KwikChex and Lincoln Green Solicitors team up to offer new ‘Check & Rescue’ service

Fraud prevention and investigations business KwikChex and renowned solicitor firm Lincoln Green are providing a unique service that will help consumers to reliably check on whether they have been misled and are in danger of losing monies to businesses that have exaggerated, potentially deceived or failed to deliver promised services or returns on investments. If initial evaluations show this is the case, options for “no win, no fee” legal assistance will be provided. 

The Check & Rescue initial focus will be on sectors where deceptions have been exceptionally prolific, including timeshare, ‘alternative investments and green energy. 

Chris Emmins, CEO and founder of award-winning KwikChex explains the service and collaboration 

“KwikChex has been tackling many types of deception since 2010. Our expertise is in investigating and identifying breaches of regulations and laws and then providing information to consumers that can significantly help in recovering monies paid. We have seen a surge in scams and these deceptions in recent times, including where unregulated claims and recovery businesses are preying on people that have sought help for monies already lost – particularly in sectors such as timeshare, where so-called claims and exit businesses are taking thousands off timeshare owners only to provide unnecessary and often ineffective services – or simply just disappear witty the monies paid. Check & Rescue will provide information on the businesses involved and whether any detriment has taken place. And what genuine options there may be for resolutions and recovery. 

Similarly, we have seen an extraordinary increase in severe financial losses in various types of investment, including investing in technology businesses, crypto assets and property schemes  - and also in very deceptive practices in  the green energy sectors, including solar panel installations. 

By combining KwikChex investigative resources with Lincoln Green’s regulated and expert legal services, we will often be able to stop scams before monies are paid – and take far more effective action when payments have already been made. As for how we reached  a decision to partner Lincoln Green in this, we adopted a criteria of checking their track record, including the Legal Ombudsman and Solicitors Regulation Authority records, verified client feedback – and ensured they were not connected to unscrupulous cold-callers. And finally, we loved the extent to which they provide no win, no fee arrangements.” 

Kevin Windo, Managing Director of Lincoln Green added “our team at Lincoln Green Solicitors Ltd have many years experience of assisting people and businesses recover compensation for mis-sold goods or services. Since 2011 we have recovered in excess of £40M for our clients, and we have assisted clients who have been scammed or mis-sold  SIPPs, Interest Rate Hedging products, Timeshares, Holiday Clubs, Solar Panels and other products. We are also assisting consumers that have fallen prey to Cryptocurrency scams. We endorse the manner in which KwikChex looks to prevent consumers from falling prey to scams, in particular within the timeshare arena, and we are happy to work with them, and Trading Standards and other regulatory bodies, that seek to operate in the consumers best interests”.

Post by Editor