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Following a preliminary investigation, KwikChex is certain that the investment and timeshare scheme known as Global Great Hotels has been marketed and sold unlawfully for years. Actions are now being taken. The scheme purported to provide a combination of substantial investment returns and exceptional holiday value – but an examination of the structure, contracts and […]

ITOA – the International Timeshare Owners Association has just launched.  Chris Emmins explains its mission For over a decade, I have read stories every day of timeshare owners that have been pestered and preyed upon by rogue businesses. KwikChex timeshare-dedicated resources, including Timeshare Business Check, have provided free assistance to thousands of timeshare owners, who […]

KwikChex has previously reported on the Advertising Standards Authority rulings in favour of the Money and Pensions Service, which had challenged the legitimacy of paid-for search advertisements promoting debt relief solutions. The ASA has now ruled against two further companies promoting debt relief advice via paid-for Facebooks ads. A number of concerns were raised regarding […]

Credit: BBC News, 9/02/21  A man who left a negative review of a legal firm on the TrustPilot website has been ordered to pay £25,000 ($34,000) in libel damages. “Philip James Waymouth engaged London law firm Summerfield Browne online to provide advice but was unsatisfied with the service he received.”“He then left a review accusing […]

The latest Advertising Standards Authority investigations have ruled in favour of the Money and Pensions Service, which challenged the legitimacy of paid-for search advertisements promoting debt relief solutions. A number of concerns were raised regarding the companies Fidelitas Group Ltd and National Direct Service including – Misleading ads suggesting associations with the Government and charities […]

In response to requests from timeshare owners that have fallen victim to timeshare exit and claims scams. KwikChex has produced a new online resource –  Timeshare Exit Concerns The new website is entirely consumer-focused and timeshare owners are actively participating and contributing to it. Content includes: A key facts section, which details how to spot […]

The domain had previously been used to publish derogatory content against KwikChex and to promote European Consumer Claims / ECC and associated businesses. It has been formally found that ECC abused the good name of KwikChex by using the KwikChex brand in bad faith. The action was taken by KwikChex against European Consumer Claims Ltd., […]

In February 2012 after challenging TripAdvisor over fake reviews for more than a year, a complaint submitted by KwikChex to the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) was upheld. In the ruling, phrases such as “reviews you can trust” and “reviews from real travelers” were judged to be misleading and   TripAdvisor were instructed not to […]

KwikChex seeing rapidly increasing online threats to consumers and businesses connected to coronavirus Fraudsters delight in exploiting ‘fear factors’ and the coronavirus crisis is demonstrating how they are using it in attempts to scam consumers. This situation particularly suits scammers as so many people are staying at home and using the internet far more for […]

Regulators and consumer organisations have already exposed significant problems with Online Travel Agents (OTAs) – and one small business has already successfully claimed compensation for losses caused by Online Travel Agents or OTAs as they are often better known dominate accommodation booking. Hotels and other accommodation providers cannot compete with their massive online presence […]

KwikChex sees an increase in reports from consumers concerned about being caught out by cold-calling rogues offering to get their monies back after losing monies in initial scams.   An increasing number of consumers are approaching KwikChex with stories of being contacted by people saying they can get monies back for them that were lost […]