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If you are unsure about a business or think you may have been scammed, use our form and we will get back to you with free advice. KwikChex has a well-reported track record of assisting victims of misrepresentation and fraud. With your permission, we can also use our connections with law enforcement and regulatory bodies to help start proceedings against those responsible.


KwikChex provides a free service specifically to timeshare owners and consumers via the Timeshare Task Force.  It includes related products such as Holiday Membership Clubs, Leisure Credits and Legal & Claims Services.

To check a business or to report problems / get free assistance visit the Timeshare Business Check website.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Most consumers that come to KwikChex for help after they have been scammed tell us that they wished they had checked properly first.

KwikChex provides consumers with the ideal way to do this – an expert service that draws on over eight years of experience investigating online information and businesses.

If you are in any way unsure about a website, a business or even an advertisement that you have seen on one of the popular personal selling websites, then check with KwikChex first.

Fraudsters will always use any possible situation to their advantage and the current pandemic is an unprecedented example. In response, KwikChex is gearing up its efforts to help protect consumers and adding additional resources. This includes an online dedicated coronavirus reporting tool (below). We will do our utmost to ensure that appropriate actions are taken against such criminal activities and to answer questions from consumers that have concerns about approaches that have been made to them or online content that they have seen.

If you are a consumer that has suffered financial or other harm through being deceived by online reviews, you can contact us for free assistance.


Consumer Contact Form

We are collecting this data in order to provide assistance to you and potentially to take action against rogue businesses. The only time we release data to third parties is to official enforcement authorities and the media, both in connection with taking such action, and only with your express permission.

Please note this form is for non-timeshare concerns only (if your concern is related to timeshare please click on 'Timeshare Problems' above and visit our timeshare specific websites for the correct form/help).


First name  
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If yes, please detail how much, by what
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Summary of your concerns   
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In order for us to comply with data protection laws, you must give your consent for us to use your details to continue to contact you in relation to your enquiry. This may include news updates when relevant to your case. Should you at any time wish to stop such communication you can advise us by email, website form or phone. We do not pass any details to third parties without your express permission.
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