Schlechte Bewertungen entfernen?

Put the above words into Google and it shows 107 million results.

Bad online reviews are a serious issue – and it is certainly not only bad businesses that are being damaged.

Fake and Malicious Reviews

Can be easily placed by competitors, disgruntled employees or just by people with a personal grudge.

Exaggerated and Old Online Complaints

Complaining is part of human nature and complaints can of course often be justified. But when people go online to complain they can get carried away – and in many cases they won’t even have taken it up with the business owner or management.

Google Map Reviews

One of the biggest areas of concerns. Bad or fake reviews featured on Google Maps really attach to a business profile and can be very difficult for business owners to remove.

KwikChex provides a
Destroy Bad Reviews Service

  • Blameless businesses that are being victimised can have reviews removed and invalidated.
  • Exaggerated or old complaints can be removed and invalidated.
  • The effect of legitimate complaints can be greatly reduced.
  • We can monitor your brand, products and key personnel across millions of web pages and alert you when you are being talked about or attacked.

Turn a problem into a great advantage

KwikChex can boost your reputation.

Join the ‘Web of Lies’ Campaign and fight against fake online reviews.

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