1 Million Ergebnisse für 'inkompetente Tierärzte'.

1 Million Ergebnisse für 'inkompetente Tierärzte'.
Vets are starting to realise that online reviews are now hugely significant in search engine results. Just entering the phrase ‘incompetent vets’ into Google returns over 1 million results – and some of the information we have discovered in online searches is extremely aggressive and very high profile in search engines – there are almost no moderation controls imposed, and they pull in results from many other sites and attach themselves to the location & profile of the review target. In addition there are a growing number of ‘specialist’ review sites that focus entirely on the veterinary profession. Some sites are set up with the specific intent to destroy the reputation of a veterinary practice.

Examples of ‘this vet killed my dog’ type postings are everywhere on the web, as are many other serious allegations. KwikChex found many effective campaigns against individual vets and practices – that is people using multiple review sites and Google maps solely in order to damage the practice. When this is done effectively, the vet’s online profile is seen as extremely untrustworthy.

True or False?
That’s the problem – whilst there are many with legitimate complaints, particularly of negligence, who may well have been frustrated by not being able to use the official ‘regulator’, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), or the courts to take action, there are also a very large number of fake and malicious reviews against reputable practitioners – and the public simply can’t tell the difference. What’s more, even a good vet is bound to have someone complain about them at some time, but even if they have an almost perfect satisfaction rate, a single aggrieved person can undo that in the space of about an hour on the worldwide web.

Reputation Enhancement, Protection & Promotion

KwikChex provides the solutions that enable reputable businesses to turn significant reputation threats into exceptional, reputation-based promotion.

KwikChex accreditation is an immediate promotion and defence tool. Members have the resources to monitor, manage and promote their reputation. They are able to use KwikChex independently authenticated reviews and testimonials on their websites and on review sites. They can remove and invalidate fake and malicious reviews – and reduce the risk of complaints at source, using the KwikChex Reputation Manual.

The public are better protected too – with access to reviews and information that they can trust and a robust and effective complaints and concerns process.

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