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Report Number: 112

@your service 19 Cherington, Bristol BS15 3AG

By locost – 9 Jul 2010

Very Disapointed With my printing and Distribution Would not use them again‎
Posted on Google Maps.

Reason for report – suspected malicious spam
Evidence offered to Google suggests this has been posted by a competitor of @your service. There is evidence of spam reviews by this competitor and they have also been reported to South Gloucestershire Trading Standards on several occasions regarding their business practices and on consumer protection issues.

Report Number: 113

True Colors Salon, Spa, Boutique1281 Old Dixie Highway, Vero Beach, FL 32960, United States

That place is Horrible‎‎
By lala1437 – 27 May 2010

First off when I walked into the Salon is Stunk so bad, and there was a Gentlemen at the counter who looked homely, skinny, and sloppy looking. He was actually the owners husband he was very unprofessional and strung out looking like he was on hardcore drugs. When i checked in for my Hair appointment with Kristen they read off a different service that i was suppose to have, so that made me mad. This women which is the owner had walked up and she look homely, and sloppy looking to i mean very trashy for a Professional buisness smelt like a ash tray and she try to apoligize for the mistake on my appointment. So i get this hairdresser Kristen and talk about loud and rude and stunk like body odar so bad, i mean if your going to be a hairdresser and be lifting your arms all day, please wear deodarant. She totally messed my hair all up the color came out orange and the cut came out tacky. They charge me way over then what it should of been. I will never ever go back there again it’s dirty and the people who own/run that salon are trashy and very rude. So if your looking for a run down trashy salon to get your hair done and be way overcharge then go to True Colors…If your smart and classy STAY AWAY!
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Reason for report – malicious and defamatory
Evidence offered to Google that this has been posted by a person solely wishing to damage a reputable business. The comments are libelous and offensive and their publication does a disservice to consumers and encourages others to attack reputable businesses, their owners and employees.

Report Number: 114


503 Clerkenwell Workshops, 27-31 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R 0AT
By megha – 5 Apr 2010

DO NOT BOOK your hotels through this site. Their contact number is FAKE and is actually someone’s residence!! The hotel we booked did not even have our reservation in its records and travelstay deducted the deposit from our account!!!!! now i dont know how to get my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…‎

Reason for report – malicious, false and offensive
Reported to Google that the contact number and address have been verified and that the business is registered with a long trading history. It is therefore false and should be treated as malicious. In addition the language used is offensive and in contravention of Google policies.

Report Number: 115

The Hackney PearlGround Floor Oslo House East Wing, 11 Prince Edward Rd, Hackney Wick, London E9 5LX
By Nathan – 23 Jun 2010

If you go in for dinner, note that no one else is really eating. That’s the first warning. If you decide to forgo your instincts and eat anyway you’ll be rewarded with dinky portions of try-to-hard gastro fare with little flavour. Several friends have had disappointing experiences with a £10 meze plate involving a few olives, a tablespoon of hummus and a single cube of feta or single rashers of bacon with a ‘big breakfast’ that leaves you hungry. Mine was a flavourless Pollock with an even more flavourless puy lentil base. I think the casual creative folks in the area would probably prefer well executed favourites at a reasonable price rather than overwrought attempts at euro centric gastro cuisine.‎

Reason for report – inaccuracies throughout
After evaluation of the content, KwikChex reported to Google that descriptions of menus and prices are so inaccurate as to cast doubt on whether the reviewer has ever eaten there or else has malicious intent.

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