Vielen Dank im Namen von mir, meiner Frau und vor allem meinem Sohn

The team at KwikChex is always delighted when we restore rightful reputation and score another victory against online defamation and malice. When our clients and their families are put in danger and don’t get the response they should from online publishers, it makes it even more rewarding. That’s why we appreciated receiving the following words from a client.

‘I am a happily married man but I could kiss you and everyone there right now. If I can be any use for publicity please feel free. Don’t know how I could be used but right now I’d have your name tattooed on my ample man chest!

Thank you so much on behalf of myself my wife and most importantly my son. Huge weight off all our minds.

Huge thanks again,’

We continue to defend and promote decent businesses all over the world and to help provide consumers with genuinely reliable information on the standards of businesses. Our clients include lawyers, beauticians, kennel owners, academics, IT and online businesses and of course travel and hospitality companies – in fact just about everything you can think of and across every continent. If you would like information on our services or to get feedback from some of our clients (including the one above), please let us know.

Beitrag von Editor