TripAdvisor's $35 Fair Value könnte unter den Bedenken über gefälschte Bewertungen leiden

Credits: Forbes By: Trefis Team, Contributor

‘…lately, the authenticity of the reviews on TripAdvisor’s website has once again come under scrutiny. TripAdvisor was even investigated by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) in September 2011 following growing criticism of its apparent failure to monitor fake comments posted on its website. As a result of the investigation, in February 2012, ASA banned the company from claiming or implying that the reviews on its website were from real travelers.’

‘However, not many users seem to be satisfied with TripAdvisor’s stance on fake reviews and feel that it is not taking significant enough steps to curb them. Here, we try to analyze the potential impact of fake review on our current price estimate of $35.18 for TripAdvisor.’

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