Halifax-Restaurant stürzt von Platz eins auf Platz 122 ab, nachdem TripAdvisor "gefälschte" Bewertungen entfernt hat

PartyserviceCredits: Caterer and Hotelkeeper By: Neil Gerrard

‘TripAdvisor has removed hundreds of positive reviews for a Halifax restaurant, causing it to crash from being the number one business in the area to near bottom, amid suspicion that many of the reviews were fake.’

‘KwikChex has now asked TripAdvisor to allow an independent IT expert to examine the evidence they have and assess whether the actions are justified, under a Non-Disclosure Agreement if necessary.’

Obige Auszüge und den ganzen Artikel lesen Sie auf https://www.catererandhotelkeeper.co.uk

KwikChex member featured in above article:
Ziggys Spice House, Halifax

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