ASA hebt Beschwerde gegen Timeshare Solutions Ltd auf


Die britische Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) hat einer Beschwerde von KwikChex stattgegeben, die sich auf Timeshare Solutions Ltd.

Die Untersuchung von KwikChex wurde im Rahmen der Aktivitäten der Timeshare Task Force durchgeführt die KwikChex verwaltet.

The investigation by KwikChex challenged whether the testimonials by “Steve”, Mrs P Swift, Vicky Tomgue and Mrs Wilson were genuine because they understood the same testimonials appeared on another website for another timeshare claims company under different names.

The ASA acknowledged that Timeshare Solutions said they held contact details for those who had given the testimonials. However, advertisers need to hold documentary evidence to demonstrate that testimonials used in their advertising were genuine – contact details for the people who gave them, and that testimonials must relate to the advertised product. The ASA requested evidence of the original testimonials together with the contact details. Timeshare Solutions were unable to demonstrate the testimonials were genuine or that they related to their services. Therefore, the ASA concluded that the use of the testimonials on their website was misleading.

The ASA therefore upheld the complaint and concluded that testimonials must not appear again.

Die Details des ASA-Urteils finden Sie auf der ASA-Website -

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