Neuester Timeshare Task Force Kundenbericht

KwikChex assisted this consumer with a Section 75 refund for payment paid to ITRA.

Thank you KwikChex for helping get my 88-year-old father’s money back. He was clearly taken advantage of and had been mis-sold services costing him nearly £5000. With advice from KwikChex, and the template letter they prepared for us, we were able to recover all the costs from the credit card company. This was a real bonus as we thought pursuing the money would be a lost cause.”

Herr S, Feb-16

Hinweis - Für Verbraucher, die bei der Timeshare Task Force (verwaltet von KwikChex) Hilfe in Bezug auf Timeshare und verwandte Produkte suchen, werden keine Gebühren erhoben.

Beitrag von Editor