25.000 Pfund online gestohlen. Aber noch schockierender ist: Barclays wäscht seine Hände in Unschuld

Credits: The Guardian, By  5th March 2016

It’s not just the fact that a “life-changing” £25,000 was stolen from a couple scraping together the money to build an extension. It’s not even the fact that they fell victim to the clearly very sophisticated hijacking of an email account. What is truly shocking about the above story is how the bank appears to know who stole the money – but is prepared to do almost nothing about it.

Barclays said it would not disclose details of the account for “data protection reasons” and, alarmingly, does not report scam claims to the police because the bank itself is not the victim. In other words, it “witnessed” the crime, but will do nothing to help because it didn’t lose any money itself.

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