ASA hebt Beschwerde gegen Timeshare Relief UK auf

Die britische Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) hat einer Beschwerde von KwikChex stattgegeben, die sich auf Timeshare Relief UK.

A complaint was filed with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in October 2015.

Die Untersuchung von KwikChex wurde im Rahmen der Aktivitäten der Timeshare Task Force durchgeführt die KwikChex verwaltet.

The complaint challenged whether the following claims were misleading and could be substantiated:
1. “the UK’s leading Timeshare disposal company”; and
2. Mr Warren and his … partners … have saved their clients over £40,000,000 million pounds [sic] in fees …”.
3. KwikChex also challenged whether the claims “New Rules aim to end decades of pressure-selling and release thousands of people from costly and unfair contracts”, “Soon to be implemented Europe-wide rules are expected to back the decision” and “A Norwegian woman was awarded more than £28,000 by the Spanish Supreme Court in March, giving fresh hope to Britons locked in similar arrangements” were misleading because they understood the decision applied only in Spain.

Timeshare Relief UK provided a response by telephone.
Die ASA gab der Beschwerde statt und stellte fest, dass die Anzeige in ihrer aktuellen Form nicht mehr erscheinen darf.

Full details of the complaint on the ASA website –*

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