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As a part of the new Safer-Smarter-Stronger initiative, KwikChex is now providing a Check & Rescue service that enables consumers and businesses to carry out in-depth checks on businesses that operate within well-known high risk sectors.
The decision to provide the service has come about because of the rapidly increasing number of people that contact KwikChex that have realised far too late that the businesses they have paid or invested in are unsafe or an outright scam.
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Problems with ‘trusted resources’

Most that we assist have been convinced by false statements and hype that have often been reinforced by use of fake online reviews, social media (including recommendations from influencers and even friends) and by easy to manipulate resources such as press releases and company registrations. Regrettably, there are many resources that people believe they can trust that can seriously mislead.

Our new services enable people to easily access resources that are expert and thorough and include -

  • Checking a business that you have already paid money to / invested in. In many cases, people are unaware that they are at serious risk of losing the money they have paid – and all too often, by the time they suspect something might be wrong, the chances of recovering their monies have diminished considerably.
  • Checking a business that you may be considering paying or investing in – because nothing beats preventing losses in the first place.
  • Providing expert evaluations on whether recovery of monies is genuinely possible.
  • Providing a professional rescue service when there are viable recovery options available.
  • Tackling ‘recovery fraud’. Many that fall victim to scams lose more money to fraudsters that make false promises to recover funds. Let us advise on whether the business you are looking at or have already paid is genuine.

KwikChex is currently focusing our Check & Rescue services in the following sectors

Most of these occur in what are known as ‘alternative investments’.

These include

  • Cryptocurrencies and other crypto assets
  • Forex trading
  • Private equity – investing in start-ups and expanding businesses
  • Property / Real Estate
  • Commodities, such as precious metals and gems
  • Cannabis and bamboo farms
  • Hedge funds
  • Collectibles, such as art, valuable motor vehicles, wines and whiskies etc.
KwikChex will provide Check & Rescue services to everyone that has already invested or is considering investing.

Timeshare Check & Rescue

KwikChex has provided assistance within the timeshare sector for over 10 years, and has already helped thousands of timeshare owners avoid scams and recover monies. Our newly upgraded services ensure that timeshare owners have fast access to the following
  • Checking all of the options available regarding your timeshare, from resolving complaints, through renting it out if you can’t use it, taking a break / pause, selling or transferring it, to exit / relinquishment options.
  • Checking on businesses that are offering exit and claims services – a vital factor, as scams are extremely common.
  • Checking to see whether you may have already fallen victim to scams if you have paid monies. This may include situations where you have been mis-sold a product, or been given false information about whether your timeshare has or has not been relinquished, or been lied to about a compensation claims process.
  • Direct contact with vetted lawyers that we can arrange to provide you with a viability report regarding relinquishment and compensation claims, prior to commencing formal actions.
  • Payment recovery – checking viability and providing assistance when scams and misrepresentations have already occurred.

Check now for free!

It will cost you nothing to have KwikChex make expert initial checks – and following the check, we can advise what actions are available to you so you can make informed decisions.
If you are considering an investment in a business or in elements such as currency trading, cryptocurrencies, property and other schemes or have concerns that you may have been scammed already, act quickly and use our online form to start the appropriate checks and recovery processes – 

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