Médicos, abogados, veterinarios y otras profesiones bajo un ataque extremo y generalizado en Internet

KwikChex is highlighting the huge number of online attacks on the ‘trusted professions, such as medicine, veterinary practices, solicitors and dentists.

Research has shown that there are tens of millions of reviews, ratings and comments visible on web searches – and a very substantial proportion are allegations of serious misconduct.

As an example, you only have to put in the word ‘incompetent’ before ‘doctor’, ‘lawyer’ (or solicitor), ‘vet’ or ‘dentist’ to see the number of results it generates in a Google search – millions of instances.
Narrow it down by adding ‘United Kingdom’ or another geographical location into Google Maps and the severity of the attacks becomes all too clear.

Anonymous and unverified reviews that come high in search engines, accuse doctors of drug abuse and sexual molestation, lawyers of embezzlement and vets of extreme cruelty to animals.

The number of general review and complaint sites is growing – and so is the number of ‘specialist’ sites that target particular professions. The latter includes attack sites featuring domain names that end in ‘from hell’ (i.e. solicitors from hell, vets from hell).

Destructive campaigns

The research also found many instances of specific campaigns, such as the one against a UK legal practice that includes allegations of criminality on several online review sites, on Google Maps – and on specially created websites, including one that has ‘hijacked’ the name of the practice. The result is a web general result that appears truly damning on this practice that employs over one hundred.

Getting to the truth

KwikChex is launching specific services that will assist in protecting and promoting reputable practitioners – and a series of seminars and workshops that will show how to implement an effective and comprehensive reputation management strategy (click here for more details).

Helping protect the public

Included in the KwikChex initiatives will be reports from official bodies – details of disciplinary hearings, history of practitioners and official ratings and reviews. The unique combination of protection, promotion, transparency and authentication provided by KwikChex will help address the confusion being caused by the millions of unregulated unverified reviews.

Let us know

If you have been the victim of a false or malicious online review – or have posted a negative or accusatory review that you can prove or have reported to the appropriate authorities, please inform KwikChex – click here for contact details.

Our mission is to protect the public by promoting the reputable.

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