KwikChex y la BBC obligan a Google a eliminar la difamación en línea - Vídeo en el sitio web de la BBC

Firms fall victim to fake web reviews

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(originally shown on BBC News at Six 03/11/2011)


Plus related article on BBC News Website:

Google removes ‘paedophile’ claim on review website
Créditos: BBC News
By Claire Marshall BBC News Midlands correspondent

“A business owner accused in a Google review of being a paedophile and a thief has said he is delighted that the search giant has removed the entry.”

“He (Chris Emmins of KwikChex) called for Google, Tripadvisor and other review sites to get together for an “honest web summit.”

“Freedom of speech is a fantastically valuable thing,” Mr Emmins said, “but at the moment it’s being corrupted entirely… through lack of diligence and possibly lack of ethics.”

Above excerpts and full article:

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