Olvídate de los periodistas a sueldo, ten cuidado con el crítico aam aadmi a sueldo

Credits: Firstpost By: Sandip Roy

‘Fake Review Writer is actually a bona fide job category these days.

You can find it on the website Freelancer.com alongside more traditional freelancing jobs such as Java programmers and telemarketers.

Someone wants 5K fake Facebook likes as fast as possible. At the time I checked, there were three bids for that project.’

‘As many as four out of ten online reviews are phony or biased according to Bing Liu, a professor of computer science at the University of Illinois in Chicago who is developing software to detect fake reviews.’

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Note: Aam Aadmi (Hindi & Urdu for “Common Man”) refers to the average Indian or Average Joe. Definition extract from Wikipedia – click here for full definition.

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