Organización para el Desarrollo de Complejos Turísticos - Nueva declaración de intenciones


The Resort Development Organisation has published a new mission statement.

KwikChex welcomes the notable consumer focus and looks forward to continuing our work with the RDO and its members in providing additional consumer reassurance based on our strong verification processes.

RDO Mission, Vision & Values

The mission of the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) is to be the recognised voice for the timeshare and shared ownership industry.

RDO aims to become the kite mark for quality and trust for consumers, whilst promoting and demanding industry best practice from its members. Our primary goal is for consumers to enjoy their ownership and have great holidays.

RDO is committed to supporting our members in delivering the highest quality experiences and in acting as a kite mark of trust and assurance for consumers.

To achieve this RDO has to: –

  • Demand adherence to ethical practices from our members.
  • Highlight and promote the excellence of service and products provided by our members.
  • Work with enforcement agencies across Europe to maximise protection for consumers.
  • Build confidence with consumers by providing practical, transparent and effective assistance when called upon.


  • Enforcing strong business ethics.
  • Promoting transparent company practices.
  • Fostering rigorous adherence to legislation.
  • Respecting members, affiliates and consumers.

RDO Mission Statement

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