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Phileas Fogg
The fictional adventures of Phileas Fogg in the Jules Vern 1873 classic “Around the World In Eighty Days” have inspired many a traveller.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Fogg, a wealthy London bachelor, wagers his social peers £20,000 (over £1 million in today’s money) that a new railway in India makes it possible to circumnavigate the globe in just 80 days. More than just a little ballsy since the book predates the invention of the airplane by several years.

This sets the scene for a daring tale taking Fogg down through Europe and the Suez Canal, across the Arabian Sea and India before sailing onto Hong Kong, Yokohama and San Francisco. From New York, Fogg makes the final stage of his voyage across the Atlantic by steam boat but not before having to burn half the ship to use as fuel. Does he win the bet? If you don’t already know, I wont spoil it for you since you could always Google it and find out for yourself!

However, it was Michael Palin’s faithful retracing of Fogg’s jaunt in a highly acclaimed BBC series which first introduced me to the tale. Immensely popular, the series is now 25 years old yet is still aired from time-to-time and is now available in formats which were yet to be invented back then such as DVD and YouTube. You can also view some highlights on Mr Palin’s own website;

Around The World Using Timeshare?
Spending more than just a few hours every week researching timeshare holidays is a hard job! I’m constantly having to grapple with the urge to take a sabbatical, up sticks and embark on my own epic adventure. So, to quell my appetite for adventure and share some great ideas as to how to get the most out of owning a timeshare, I’m taking a leaf straight out of Vern’s book and I’m going to see if its possible to circumnavigate the globe using a timeshare.

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