ASA resuelve informalmente una reclamación contra Sell Your Timeshare Now


La Autoridad de Normas Publicitarias del Reino Unido (ASA) ha resuelto de manera informal una reclamación presentada por KwikChex en relación con Sell Your Timeshare Now

La investigación de KwikChex se llevó a cabo en el marco de las actividades del Grupo Operativo de Tiempo Compartido que gestiona KwikChex.

This challenged the following statements on the Sell Your Timeshare Now website:

“We are a UK based company with years of experience in matching sellers with buyers or disposal companies. We have helped thousands of people to rid themselves of the liability that their timeshare has become”
“a proven service that is guaranteed to offer you a way out of your Timeshare”

After contact was made by the ASA, Sell Your Timeshare Now agreed to remove these statements and the matter was concluded informally – click on the following to see the reference on the ASA website –

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