KwikChex citado en el artículo del Telegraph - ¿Puede confiar en las opiniones online?


KwikChex mention in Daily Telegraph article about fake online reviews:

KwikChex, an online investigations body, said it had identified and exposed thousands of online fake reviews, both negative and positive.
A spokesman said: “Whilst that exposure has pressured some reviews sites to invest more in fraud detection, there are still many problems on a vast scale.
“There are unquestionably fake review hotspots, particularly within the holiday sector on sites such as TripAdvisor, where there is large scale fraud taking place.
“Businesses continue to game the system to falsely boost their reputations – and many businesses also fall victim to fake and malicious bad reviews.
“Fake reviews, whether good or bad ones, are intended to deceive consumers and everything possible needs to be done to prevent this”

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