KwikChex citado en el artículo de Mirror -La Asociación de Consumidores de Tiempo Compartido dice ser un defensor independiente del consumidor, pero ¿lo es?

Credits: The Mirror, By Andrew Penman, 1st Dec

La Asociación de Consumidores de Tiempo Compartido afirma ser un defensor del consumidor independiente, pero ¿lo es?

‘Timeshare Consumer Association refuses to say who owns and runs it.

The business vetting site Kwikchex approached the TCA, posing as a consumer wanting to sell a timeshare.

“The response from the TCA stated that it had done due diligence on ,” said Kwikchex founder Chris Emmins, “and provided a link to a report implying the business was outstandingly successful in selling and disposing of timeshares. We would dispute the claims.’

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