Estafas en el negocio del trabajo en casa

Noticias de la Comisión Federal de Comercio de Estados Unidos

Consideramos que este tipo de advertencias son pertinentes en todas partes, ya que es probable que haya estafas similares en todo el mundo.


Another warning has been issued to alert people about work-at-home business opportunities that sound too good to be true. Scammers are looking to prey on the vulnerability of people during the COVID-19 pandemic and those looking for work must be alert to potential scams.

Those online ads offering business coaching courses, telemarketing jobs and envelope stuffing schemes are usually scams. The appealing sales pitch can make them seem like guaranteed money makers, but this is rarely the case.

People are advised to investigate these companies before signing documents or handing them any money. A little extra work beforehand can save you thousands of dollars in future.

Your state Attorney General’s office, local Better Business Bureau (BBB), or the BBB where the company is located, should be able to assist you with any queries about the authenticity of companies offering jobs.

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US – If you are concerned that you may have been contacted by these scammers, please report it to the FTC at

Reino Unido - Contacte con Action Fraud: (recomendamos el uso de los recursos en línea para evitar largas demoras en las llamadas)

En todo el mundo: puede denunciar las estafas y solicitar asesoramiento gratuito en nuestra página dedicada:

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