KwikChex and Veri-Good hitting the news – it’s the start of the Reviewlution!

Recent days have seen increasing online and print coverage of KwikChex’s continuing work to increase Online Information Integrity (OII).

Articles have already appeared in UK newspapers featuring KwikChex investigations into the way fraudsters use fake reviews as a part of their deceptions, including massively in currency trading (Forex and Cryptocurrency) scams – and now the news about VeriGood, the new alternative to online reviews being launched by KwikChex is also starting to break, with travel journalists covering this fast-developing story. Over the last 10 years, KwikChex has had media coverage all over the world – but we think that the story published by may be the first time it has been in the Icelandic language.

VeriGood will soon start its rollout and it is going to shake things up with its accuracy, accountability and transparency – not to mention the fact that consumers will be able to

A – Search a resource which features ONLY businesses with verified high standards (quality before quantity).

B – Be substantially rewarded for helping us check and maintain the standards of businesses and products.

More news coming very soon!

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