KwikChex CEO Chris Emmins launches new Timeshare Owners Association – ITOA

ITOA – the International Timeshare Owners Association has just launched.  Chris Emmins explains its mission

For over a decade, I have read stories every day of timeshare owners that have been pestered and preyed upon by rogue businesses. KwikChex timeshare-dedicated resources, including Timeshare Business Check, have provided free assistance to thousands of timeshare owners, who have been advised of all their genuine options regarding ownership, timeshare exits and compensation claims – and so many owners have been saved from scammers.

I have personally stood up in courts providing support and testimony that has helped win monies back from fraudsters, and helped expose deceitful timeshare help sites. I have been pleased to take part in numerous news investigations, including the BBC’s renowned Rip Off Britain programme.

In 2019, I was thrilled to receive a Premio al Héroe Empresarial from the UK’s Trading Standards community, for fraud prevention achievements, who specifically cited the work of KwikChex within the timeshare sector.

But despite all of this, I continued to see so much confusion about the options and rights timeshare owners have – and witness still more owners falling prey to rogue businesses.

As a timeshare owner myself, who has so much contact with other owners, it has become increasingly clear to me that I needed to move beyond the model of the  last 10 years, which although very autonomous, relied on funding from commercial sources, including timeshare developers – and instead harness the power and information of millions of timeshare owners across the world – that’s why the key ‘mantra’ for ITOA is ‘Unity is strength’.

ITOA’s first actions will be to cut through  the confusion that is dominating online search results, with criminal exit, resales and claims businesses being highlighted by enforcement authorities, and a bewildering mix of information on what is happening in terms of legal and regulatory actions. This is why ITOA is setting up a series of international, online events – to provide accurate information on these subjects, including the latest on Spanish Timeshare Claims and situations where timeshare companies have become insolvent.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a happy, experienced timeshare owner or are feeling distresses about your ownership. Or whether you own at an independent, owner-managed resort or are an owner with giant companies such as Marriott, Wyndham and Hilton – ITOA will be dedicated to all-round advocacy and improvement for timeshare owners around the world.

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