Online Defamation Actions

Is someone telling lies about you or your business online?
Every day people from all over the world contact KwikChex about attacks made on their reputation.

Many such attacks are the work of people that are just motivated by malice. They come from competitors, ex-employees that have been fired for good reason or people that have, for example lost legal battles against the people and businesses they attack. In some cases they are genuine customers – but even then, there are often reasons beyond what they write online – such as the person that gets thrown out of a restaurant or hotel for being drunk and aggressive.


Fake reviews, malicious websites/blogs and attacks on social media

The attacks come in all shapes and forms – most commonly for businesses. They are fake reviews – but we also deal frequently with comments on Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Some of the perpetrators go as far as setting up websites, often using the name of the person or business they are attacking.

What can you do if you are the victim of online defamation?

First, always try and contact the publisher of the material – the review site, blog host, Google, etc. Some are removed this way.

If that doesn’t work…… get in contact with KwikChex – we answer every enquiry with free advice.

What we do and what we don’t do

We do remove defamatory and malicious content. We have acted successfully on behalf of members and  clients from all over the world. That includes removing material from the likes of Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Qype, YouTube, Facebook and a whole host of others.

We achieve this by a combination of correct legal protocol – (taking into account different jurisdictions and applicable laws) – and with an integrity-led, ethical approach.

We investigate thoroughly and submit our challenges expertly

We don’t challenge honest and fair opinion from genuine consumers – we are passionate about freedom of speech – and that’s why we don’t like it being turned into freedom of deceit.

Our actions are based on resolving the problem of online defamation as quickly and at the lowest possible cost.
Bringing a full blown libel action can be a ludicrously expensive and lengthy business – and it is fraught with risk so we concentrate on removal of content – and in severe cases, investigating and identifying the perpetrators so that other actions can be taken.

We are not an ‘SEO’ based company. There are often positive side effects with our solutions  in this regard – but in our experience, claims of being able to move content that is on sites such as TripAdvisor down search results seem exaggerated – in fact many people contact KwikChex after spending large sums of money on SEO attempts.

There’s a lot more – reach out to KwikChex and get your questions answered!

We can’t possibly provide all the information for everyone. Every request for help we receive is in a way, a unique case. That’s why we offer advice first – when we know the details of the case.

So – if you are suffering from the consequences of online defamation, including attacks on blogs, social media, malicious websites or fake reviews – get in touch and find out what can be done.