KwikChex Complaints Policy

Note 'customer' refers both to clients which have been charged for our paid for services and non-paying consumers in regard to our free timeshare related and scam assistance services.

KwikChex regards any complaints we might receive as an opportunity to improve our services.
Where possible we aim to resolve all complaints directly with the customer.

Customers should contact us in writing (preferably via email to expedite the process to and it make it clear they wish to raise a complaint. This will then be dealt with as below.

Complaints will be dealt with promptly, effectively and courteously, in accordance with good business practice.

Operations Director Gemma Chatwood is responsible for the management of customer complaints and may refer the complaint to the appropriate KwikChex team member.

All customer complaints will be recorded, along with actions taken and the final outcome.

We aim to respond as promptly as possible to any customer complaints and within 5 working days.

If it is not possible to resolve a customer complaint within one month of receipt, the customer will be given a written explanation detailing why the complaint has not been resolved and what steps are being taken. In the case of complaints we consider unjustified, this may take the form of a full written explanation of our perspective.

In exceptional circumstances where it has not been possible to resolve the complaint, customers may refer the complaint to a local advice service to assist in reaching a solution.
If a satisfactory conclusion still cannot be reached, the agreement of the customer will be sought for the use of a mutually agreed arbitration scheme or when considered necessary a formal legal service. We will accept the result of the arbitration or formal legal process, such as a ruling by a regulatory authority or court (subject to any recognised appeals process).

Note – in the case of complaints and concerns relating to any information we publish regarding individuals, businesses or other organisations, these form a part of our data protection and information integrity policies. Requests of this nature can be submitted by using the form provided on the following link -