KwikChex has been at the forefront of tackling online defamation for over eight years. The majority of such attacks are made on reviews websites, which have little or no authentication. This enables persons wishing to harm your business very effectively to post false, anonymous comments in order to destroy your online reputation. Businesses affected by such attacks usually find it difficult to have such material removed – but KwikChex has a long track record of successful removal of fake online reviews. Our work has been featured many times in the world’s media.

We have successfully had fake online reviews removed from

    • TripAdvisor
    • Google
    • Yelp
    • Amazon
    • Trustpilot
    • Review Centre
    • Thomson Local
    • Scoot
    • Netmums
    • Plus other specialised sector-specific reviews websites

Free evaluation and recommendations on all online defamation and fake review cases
We provide a free evaluation on every single case brought to us – advising what in our opinion is the best way to resolve fake review problems.

“KwikChex have supported the reputation of our business as though it was their own . Their service and all round care was second to none.”
- DY, March-16
Online distortion is different from online defamation and in many ways, an even bigger problem, often causing serious damage to the online reputation of many businesses.
It normally occurs when a relatively low number (compared to the actual number of customers a business has) of unverified reviews are published on online reviews websites.  In addition to not being authenticated as genuine customers, the sample level is often so low that it does not represent the true customer satisfaction levels. In fact, very often, good businesses are falsely portrayed as being extremely poor – and often even dishonest. Because these results come very high in search results, they can result in significant lost revenues.
KwikChex can help your business to effectively tackle this problem. We:
      • Tackle the distortion directly with the online reviews websites
      • Substantiate  your true standards
      • Enhance and protect your online reputation on an ongoing basis.

In response to continuous demands from businesses for more proactive solutions, KwikChex has developed a set of outstanding products.

This new product is, we believe a near perfect solution for businesses and consumers. It helps:
      • To defeat and expose fake reviews
      • Provide the very best in consumer reassurance
So now your business can really get on the consumer RADAR
RADAR  will provide a much more reliable resource for consumers that want to make their buying decisions based on the most reliable information – and your business can benefit from the most effective promotion of your high standards.
It is a powerful new online profile that in one place includes:
      • Any and all of your reviews and ratings, including expert reviews from journalists and specialist publications.
      • Verified testimonials and the results of  customer satisfaction surveys
      • Details of all your awards, accreditations and official certifications.
      • Authenticated descriptions and really useful information on your facilities, key strengths and specialities
      • An optional fast resolutions service that will help prevent online criticism and improve customer satisfaction.
KwikChex is already globally renowned for providing verified information to consumers and for assisting businesses with their online reputation. RADAR services will include assistance with online defamation,  false reviews and distorted online profiles.
Picagoodplace has been developed to bring online consumer feedback to entirely new and trusted levels.
It is primarily focused on the travel / tourism / hospitality sector.  Here are some of the benefits it can bring to your business.
      • Greatly improved and exceptional social media effectiveness.
      • A reduction in bad reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor
      • An increase in good reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor.
      • An increase in direct bookings via your own website – saving huge sums currently being paid in commissions.
      • Protection against online defamation & distortion.
      • An enhanced capability to market to the consumers who will most appreciate what you have to offer.
      • Access to valuable statistics.
      • Optional assistance with resolving factors that may be losing you sales.
It has been 3 years in the making and has drawn on all our experience in online reputation.  It takes the very best that social media has to offer – with a driving force of authenticated photos provided and shared by happy customers.
With Picagoodplace, It is so much easier for a consumer to quickly find what they are looking for.
No more having to wade through page after page of results and hugely conflicting and confusing opinions.
No ridiculously outdated content
No wondering if ‘reviews’ are real
And no bad businesses! Consumers want to avoid bad businesses – not be droned in a sea of results about them. Picagoodplace is all about good businesses – the ones verified by consumers as being great at what they do.
We believe it is a genuine breakthrough product. It will work because it will be the most trusted of all online feedback resources – and as if that wasn’t enough, consumers are rewarded for using it.
To find out more about Picagoodplace, contact us now and get the added bonus of being at the very forefront of this exciting new product.

HOP – Hospitality Optimisation Programme
(For Hospitality businesses)

How would you like to cost-effectively engage in an initiative that can enhance your business performance across a very wide and vital spectrum?

HOP can do just that, including:

·        Generating many more excellent online reviews
·        Pushing your business up the TripAdvisor rankings
·        Increasing bookings
·        Greater, measurable customer satisfaction
·        Increased customer loyalty and referrals and recommendations

HOP starts with a detailed, expert performance evaluation and recommendations, examining everything from your website and reservations systems, through all those elements that might delight or disappoint your customers. That’s not just the obvious ones such as service – it also includes comfort and ambience and many other aspects.

It looks at how you can understand and manage expectations – and drive up satisfaction levels – and then converts everything into higher performance, including enhancing your online reputation – more excellent reviews and higher rankings on TripAdvisor.

Restaurant QI – Restaurant Quality Information

A new online guide about to be launched, which fits perfectly with HOP – the Hospitality Optimisation Programme.

Restaurant QI will provide the most detailed, accurate information for consumers on the true quality of restaurants. It will only feature businesses that can substantiate that they operate to high standards. In the UK for example, only restaurants with a current 5 or 4 star official Food Hygiene rating will be listed. Other verified information will include many of the elements from HOP and the guide will feature what each restaurant considers they do best, expert reviews, qualifications and accreditations and more detailed information on menu content. In addition – and very importantly, it will include verified customer surveys.

We are collecting this data in order to answer your business services enquiry, we will not pass on this data to any third parties without your express permission.

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